Fly Fishing Rod - Which Fly Fishing Rod Is The Best Budget Buy?

"An overview of fly fishing rod prices"

This is a complex question as there are several things to consider.  What one person considers the best budget buy may not be so for the other.  It depends on what each person looks for in a fly fishing rod and their spending capacity.

When trying to find the best budget fly fishing rod, ask yourself these questions.

  • Are you looking for a lifetime warranty?  Do you believe in getting your rod replaced every time you slam it in the car door, even if costs a little more initially?
  • Do you appreciate brand-value and would like to go with the reputation of a certain brand name or would you love to own a beautifully crafted rod to make a style statement?
  • Do you want to have one of those weightless rods, products of the latest technology?

There are several valuable variables.  If you are going to fish a lot, rods are going to break and they will have to be replaced. A best budget buy is not one that is just cheap, but one that provides exactly what you are looking for in a rod and is within your budget.

As per experts, a great buy has to be a combination of four essential factors:

  • Price – What can you spend on the rod?  For some $500 is a low budget while it is a huge amount for others.
  • Features – Does the rod have all the features you are looking for, to fulfill your specific angling needs? 
  • Warranty – What happens when your rod breaks?  Will the company replace it within the warranty period or repair it without charging extra?
  • Service – What about the after-purchase service provided by the company?  How responsive are they to your needs and questions?

Any other paraphernalia or specifications you need; such as a particular design or brand, has to be an addition to these factors, which will obviously take the price of the rod up.  There are good rods for people with very low budgets and for those with thick wallets.

Here are the fly fishing rods in different price ranges:

Low: $25 - $200 (TFO, Orvis, LLBean, Albright)
Mid: $200 - $500 (Orvis, Scott, Sage)
High: $500 and up (Orvis, Scott, Sage, Thoms & Thomas and Winston)

Shown against them are the companies that offer quality within the stated price range.  If you are under the notion that an angler fishing with a $500 rod does a better job than the person using a $25 rod, you are wrong.  With technology improving, it is becoming more and more difficult to find “really bad” rods even at a low budget.

Let me tell you how to find the perfect rod within your budget.  Just go out in the market and cast every rod you can.  Do not bother about the brands or prices just yet.  Make a note of the rods you enjoyed and felt comfortable using.  Even if you are a beginner, you will soon notice some rods feel better than others.  If you find a rod that stands out from the rest and it happens to be out of your budget, then find a rod with the same characteristics within your budget.  Can there be a better way of getting the most comfortable fly fishing rod within your budget?

All the big names, such as Sage, Scott, Orvis, Winston etc. make quality rods series for the person who is not willing to spend big money on the flagship rods.  TFO is another great budget buy recommended by most anglers, new and experienced. Budget buy rods may not be the best looking, but what they lack in the looks department is compensated with excellent performance and support.