Fly Fishing Rod - A Guide To Daiwa Fly Fishing Rods

"Angling is extremely time consuming. That's sort of the whole point"

Quality, reliability and innovation are the hallmarks of Daiwa, which is a part of the Japanese SEIKO corporation.  Founded in 1945, Daiwa manufactures fishing tackle and gear, as well as tennis, golf and cycling gear.  Daiwa’s fishing products include fly fishing rods, reels, fishing lines, lures, coolers and tackle boxes.  It is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and operates from offices throughout Japan as well as through subsidiaries internationally.  The Japanese market accounts for about two-thirds of sales.

Daiwa established its presence as Daiwa Corporation in the United States on 1966, initially in Culver City and later in Cerrito in California.  Daiwa Sports, despite the Japanese origin has been making excellent carbon-fibre rods in Wishaw, Lanarkshire since 1977.  The company understands that what works in the United States will not necessarily sell in the UK, so they ensure they make fly fishing rods to satisfy the angler specific to a place.  Their net is also spread to countries like Australia, UK, France, China, Germany, Thailand and Taiwan.

Daiwa’s first spinning reel was made in 1955 and achieved the feat of being the number one in world sales of fishing tackle in 1977, and it has maintained this position ever since.  Today, the company is one of the largest and well-known tackle companies in the world.

Daiwa manufactures all sorts of fishing rods; freshwater rods, saltwater rods, surf and jetty rods, dendoh style rods, interline rods, pack rods and fly rods. Their fly rods are designed to suit every fly fisherman and the most attractive aspect is that a majority of their rods come with an unconditional lifetime warranty.  Daiwa has always emphasized on quality and has left its mark with its innovation in different designs, features and materials used in the creation of their fly fishing rods.

  • The Heartland and Algonquin series of fly fishing rods are simple and straight forward, affordably priced and of high quality.  Between them, they cover the whole range of fly fishing from the small stream to light saltwater fly fishing.
  • Daiwa Wilderness Fly Rods are one of the most popular fly rods in the market today.  They are all-round rods that are easy to use and offer fast action.  Just as with everything else from Daiwa, they come with unconditional lifetime warranty and a free rod tube. These rods have also been awarded the best buy for fly fishing rods under £100.   
  • Daiwa Signature Salmon Fly Rods are also popular with people who don’t mind spending a little more, as they cost around £300 - £400.  They come with lifetime guarantee for the original owner and are said to be great.
  • The multi-jointed fly rods from Daiwa are supposed to be the best around as they offer similar performance and elasticity as the one-piece rods.  Usually, a jointed fishing rod is not considered the same as a single rod because of possible distortions.  However, Daiwa created the design concept of an elastic joint creating a bias structure of carbon joint, which made it possible to solve the problem of the weak point.  The distinction for this revolutionary development goes to Daiwa and their multi-jointed rods are very popular because they offer the convenience of carrying along without fear of breakage, while providing the same performance as a single fly fishing rod.

Daiwa company has retained its status as one of the best fly fishing rod manufacturers through innovation, retaining its quality consciousness and creating different fishing tackle based on the needs of their target markets. The world understands that being Japanese makes them understand technology better than anyone else and trusts them enough to look forward to their next fly fishing rod.