Fly Fishing Rod - A Guide to Greys Fly Fishing Rods

"There will be days when the fishing is better than one's most optimistic forecast, others when it is far worse.  Either is a gain over just staying home"

Mr. Grey is the founder of Greys Fishing and this company came into existence in 1968 after he left his employment with Hardy.  This company has fishing tackle in its blood and is known to be passionate about it.  Greys Fishing has been a success story ever since its inception.  Their tackle won several awards and is stocked by all the best angling stores throughout the world.  Greys has many distinguished top flight anglers as their customers, people who cannot afford to have their fishing gear give up on them.  This shows the confidence people have in Greys fishing tackle. The great design, quality materials used, reasonable prices and lifetime guarantees make Greys a much sought after fishing tackle resource.

Greys fly fishing rods have been sold through several of their manufacturing partners around the world.  In 1999, Hardy acquired Greys and the brand was developed to such an extent that it now includes high quality salmon and trout tackle as well as carp tackle, that are considered to offer best value for money.  It was only later in 2004 that the company decided to change the name from House of Hardy Ltd to Hardy & Greys Ltd.  This combination proved to be beneficial to Hardy as their range of offerings increased tremendously.

The range of fishing rods manufactured by Greys includes single handed and double handed fly fishing rods.

Their single-handed rods include:

  • G-TEC
  • G-TEC Travel Rods
  • Platinum XD Competitor Special
  • Platinum XD Saltwater
  • Missionary 6
  • Streamflex
  • X-Flite
  • GRXi
  • G Series

The double-handed rods are:

  • G Tec Double Handed
  • Missionary 6 Double Handed
  • X-Flite Double Handed
  • GRXi Double Handed
  • G-Series Double Handed

Although, all of Grey’s rods have a good name in the fly fishing market and are much trusted for their high quality and good performance, there are a few that are more popular than the others; such as the G-Tec, G-Series and Streamflex series. These fly fishing rods are known to offer the best performance and value for money. 

G-TEC rods are highly popular with guides and anglers looking for rods that are quick enough for a winter grayling.  G-TEC Travel Rods are six-piece travel rods that can be popped into a small overnight bag for fly fishing on a business or a pleasure trip.  These six-piece rods can be reduced to a small 18-inch light weight package, which is popular with frequent travelers, and can be hidden under the car seat, strapped to the bike or taken by air with ease.  Streamflex rods are highly favored mostly by running water anglers and river guides. These rods are said to cast wonderfully in all sorts of rivers, and there are an entire range of them; right from the six foot rods to the ten foot rods.  The G series is an entry level rod that provides a beginner on a budget with the highest-quality possible – both in terms of value and ease of use.  These fly rods are loved by younger anglers; however, many an experienced angler has been seen deriving complete satisfaction from them. 

While some manufacturers offer fly fishing rods of wonderful performance not giving importance to looks; the general consensus and what makes Grey’s famous is for the beautiful finish of their rods, without compromising on the performance. They are one of the few top manufacturers that have reached great heights in the fly fishing business.  Hardy and Greys is creating waves in the fishing tackle market.  With the bonus of the life-time guarantee on all Grey’s rods, there is no doubt this is a company anglers trust the most.  Mr. Grey has indeed created a winner!