Fly Fishing Rod - A Guide To Orvis Fly Fishing Rods

"It is not easy to tell one how to cast. The art must be acquired by practice"

Orvis is the nation’s oldest mail order company, located in Vermont.  The founder was Charles Frederick Orvis, an avid fly angler and bamboo rod builder, who used to build fly fishing rods for himself and his friends.  With the increase in tourism in Vermont, Charles was able to turn his hobby into a successful business in 1856.  The ever-increasing tourists proved to be great word-of-mouth advertisers for his new fishing tackle company.  His beautifully-made fly fishing rods attracted even affluent sportsmen and generated thousands of orders through mail.  This gave birth to the nation’s first mail order catalog for fishing products.  Back then, the company made high-quality solid wood fly fishing rods for which there was an enormous demand.

Until 1967, Orvis created fishing rods and flies.  By 1965, Orvis company was sold to the Perkins Family, who owns and runs it now.  Called the “800-pound gorilla” by a leading fly-fishing journal, this oldest fishing rod manufacturer in the world has gained an unparalleled reputation for offering the best.  Orvis is not just fishing any more, it now offers apparel for men and women, travel and hunting equipment among other products.

In spite of the deviation into other areas, Orvis’ love story with fishing rods continues to this day and they are sold in huge numbers through the 41 retail stores worldwide and through their website online.

Orvis is world famous and is known for manufacturing fly rods that are built to last.  Another aspect that attracts consumers is that even the highest quality fly rods from Orvis are reasonably priced and many of the rods come with a 25-year guarantee on them.  Orvis will replace any broken rod, irrespective of how it is broken.

Orvis has an extensive selection of fly fishing rods in the market today, which include rods for the new angler as well as the experienced.

Some of the more popular Orvis fly fishing rods of today:

  • The Orvis TLS fly rods and the Orvis Helio Series have made their name as being excellent choices for all types of trout fishing. 
  • The Orvis Superfine Series is for fishing smaller waters.  These full flex fly rods make it a joy to cast in small streams. 
  • The Clearwater Series is perfect for the new angler with a tight budget.  Although, the Streamline Series is cheaper, it is only meant for anglers who are not planning on remaining in the sport for long and for children. 
  • Frequent Flyer Series is one of the most popular of Orvis fly fishing series, and is meant for people who spend most of their time flying.  They are four-piece rods that can be dismantled into a small package for air travel.
  • Handmade Bamboo Fly Rods are still made at Orvis in keeping with the tradition and they are created specifically for people who are happy with small stream fishing and not looking for longer casts.

Out of all these, the Helio Series rods are trend-setting and these fly rods has catapulted Orvis to fame and put it in the company of the best fly rods in the world.  This 6-weight is reviewed by experts to be ahead of its time providing a dream-like casting experience.  The Clearwater rods are extremely popular for the excellent value they offer at a reasonable price of $160.  This rod comes with a 25-year breakage warranty too.

Orvis has its own designers and the fly fishing rods are still made in-house.  This company is now considered to be one of the best fly fishing rod manufacturers in the world.  If there is one thing about Orvis that keeps them ahead of every other manufacturer, it is the supreme customer service offered by Orvis.  Their dedication towards their customers has become the “talk of the town,” and that is the first thing all their customers mention.